Questions and Answers

How far in advance should I book?

Please book your removal as early as possible. Note that weekends and Bank Holidays are the busiest days for removals. We also do short notice removals.

When do I need to pay?

For smaller moves you may pay on the day of removal. For larger moves we require a non-refundable deposit. £50-100 normally This covers us in case you change your mind or change the date of the move. We accept Cash, and Credit Cards as advance payment, but please note that funds must be cleared prior to the job being undertaken.

Can I book on the Internet?

Prices found on our website are mostly for guidance only. Please call or e-mail us for a quote. For bigger moves it may be necessary to arrange a visit to your property. Please feel free to tell us everything you are moving using our quotation or contact form. Give us as many details as possible in order to give you the correct quote. We will contact you as soon as possible. Any difficulties we encounter with your removal like sofas or wardrobes not fitting through staircases, door frames nor going over stair rails may incur extra charges as we may have to spend more time trying to sort them out. If you are willing to help with the move it will subsequently reduce the removal time and we will give you a better quote.


We are available 9am-5pm 7 days a week

What are your vans sizes?

We currently have MWB vans and Luton Vans for larger house moves


Please tell us about any difficulties we may encounter with access to your property. Keep all staircases, doorways and other access routes clear for our removals team. Please make sure our removal van can park as close as possible to your property.

Fragile items

Make sure all your fragile items are packed properly. Extra layers of bubble wrap, wrapping paper or cardboard. Please affix fragile stickers to the boxes or simply use a black marker pen.


It is advisable to label all your boxes, bags etc.

Packing / Unpacking and dismantling / assembling furniture

Please empty and defrost fridges and freezers prior to removal. Cookers and washing machines should also be emptied. We can also dismantle furniture, so please tell us if you need this service

Special moves

We do not do removal for the following: large pianos, large items that can only be removed through balconies or window frames at upper floors, money safes. However we can arrange this for you at extra cost through a third party company.

Pets and Children.

We all know how curious children are and willing to help. In case of a move it is better for them to keep a safe distance. Pets should be kept away. Aggressive type Pit-bulls should be kept in a leash and/or a muzzle should be used.

Is there a VAT added to the final price?

We are not registered for VAT, so there will be no VAT added to the price.

Can you guarantee exact Pick up/Arrival time?

We will try to do everything possible to arrive at your property within the time stated, however arrival time is estimated not guaranteed. Sometimes arrival delays are unavoidable due to the traffic congestion, accidents on the road or bad weather conditions, etc.